Maple Nutmeg French Toast Rooibos | Limited Edition 2 oz. Package


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Rooibos Tea Leaves Sold By 2 oz. Package

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This blend is our Limited Edition Blend for January and only here while supplies last!

The aroma of our new Maple Nutmeg French Toast Rooibos is smooth and creamy with a slight spice. This blend has an almost nutty, maple like brittle with nearly a cinnamon roll essence. The flavor is similar to how it smells and may make one think of freshly made french toast or pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and sprinkled with spices!

A must have for the start of the new year!

Weight .125 lbs

Flavor Profile

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rooibos and honeybush, cinnamon, buckwheat (contains no wheat), maple sugar, almond flour, cinnamon, flavors, nutmeg, coconut, mace, soy, marshmallow, stevia, sea salt, vanilla powder, turmeric powder.



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