10 Teas for Easing Anxiety

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Many of us battle stress and anxiety in our day to day life, especially now, and while these blends won’t be the end all be all to life’s problems, there is no denying they have soothing effects. Explore 10 Wellness Teas that are known for their soothing qualities below.

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1. Chamomile Herbal

Our Chamomile Herbal is simply chamomile; great to relax with after a long day. Chamomile is one of the oldest garden herbs and it continues to be used today to battle illness, promote calm, and relieve anxiety at bedtime. As an herbal tea, it is naturally caffeine-free, and has a mild natural sweetness.

2. Chamomile Lavender Herbal

Egyptian chamomile is blended with lavender for a soothing cup. Lavender adds a gentle floral note to the relaxing taste of chamomile. The perfect nightcap for every evening; let this tea send you off to dream time.

3. Ginger Herbal

Ginger is a root full of health-promoting qualities our Ginger Herbal tea is made of nothing but pure organic ginger root, and no fillers! This tea is great for settling the digestive system, boosting your immune system, and easing nausea.

4. Holy Basil Herbal

This tea has an herbaceous, full flavor with notes of fresh spice and is known by many as the elixir of life. Some reported benefits of Holy Basil are decreasing pain and inflammation and elevating headaches and upset stomachs. The soothing flavor of basil is also a great choice for relaxing in the evening.

5. Lavender Blossoms Herbal

Use this delightful herb alone to calm you stomach, mind and skin. Lavender is known for its’ anti-inflammatory properties, inducing relaxation and easing muscle cramping. Sip on this soothing herbal to help ease your worries.

6. Peppermint Herbal

Real peppermint, organic and pure, makes this herbal tea perfect for relaxing. This herbal is naturally caffeine-free, induces relaxation and aids in digestions. A delight to sip on at any time of day.

7. Sunny Disposition Herbal

Sunny Disposition was blended with the intent of well being and is a beautiful melody of fruits, herbs and florals. We blend with no additional flavors other than the flavor disposition that each ingredient brings on its own. Sunny Disposition‘s ingredients promote anti-anxiety, relaxation and are naturally caffeine-free.

8. Sweet Turmeric Spice Herbal

The flavor of this herbal tea blend is warm and soothing with hints of bittersweet chocolate and ginger/spice (turmeric) on the finish. This blend is full of curcumin, which is known to help fight inflammation, prevent headaches and aid in digestion.

9. Turmeric Citrus Herbal

Licorice root, lemongrass and essential oils are blended with turmeric and ginger for a cup that offers extensive health benefits. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties known for easing aches and pains. Try relaxing with this sweet and spicy delight.

10. Yoga Herbal

This classic herbal blend was invented in India centuries ago and has been a part of Indian culture ever since. The slightly spicy character along with an aromatic taste is both an inspiring and relaxing experience. 

Drinking plenty of fluids is always beneficial to one’s health, and an infusion of herbs selected for specific reasons can aid in overall recovery. So, whether you’re looking for a wellness tea to put some pep in your step, or you’re trying to step away from your normal routine, these special blends might be just what you need!

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