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If you are a black tea drinker, then we would love to help you explore our wide range of Traditional Black Teas from around the world!  

Assam Superior Black

The Assam region of Northeast India is famous for its black tea production. The sub-tropical valleys of Assam in which tea is cultivated yield gutsy, bold infusions with full body and flavor. Its rich liquor is sweet, robust and malty with notes of fruity raisin and date sugar. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet aroma wafting towards you.

Benifuki Japanese Black

Benifuki translated from Japanese means “red riches and honor” and this tea certainly upholds that translation! Benifuki Japanese Black Tea is a hybrid originally developed in the mid 60’s from both the Assamica and Sinensis tea plants. The flavor and aroma of this tea offer a hint of delicate sweetness rounded off by touch of ripe plum.

Castleton Darjeeling Black

This unique tea comes from a tea garden located in the Kurseong South valley of India. The taste is aromatic, elegant, and soft, with a mild floral finish. This blend, perfect for breakfast or lunch, brews to a rich brown color. This dry tea has an aroma difficult to resist!

Decaf Ceylon Black

Ceylon is the name for the island of Sri Lanka. The flavor is of a smooth body ending in a sweet finish. While this blend is astringent, its smooth flavor leaves a round aftertaste.This tea is a true gift of nature with its decaffeinated properties!

Dragon Pearls Black

This smooth with sweet notes of barley and a hint of cocoa is hand rolled in China. One pearl makes about 8-12 ounces of tea. Watch as this beauty brews, and you will see the pearl unfurl!

Golden Leaf Thailand

This tea is delicately tended prior to and after the leaves have been harvested. Freshly plucked leaves are laid out to dry under an outside roof for approximately 18-hours. The infusion has a semi-sweet, fruity and caramel like bouquet. This tea brews to an amber tone and leaves a hint of honey on the palate.

Golden Monkey Organic

Our blend is from the Fujian and Yunnan provinces of China and is hand processed each spring with a delicate picking sequence of one leaf and one bud. Historically this blend gets its name from the resemblance of monkey paws from the final processed leaves.

Golden Monkey Black

This mellow tea with sweet, chocolate undertones is from Fujian, China. Golden Monkey is made from a downy varietal and gets its name from the golden tippy leaf of the selection. Try this blend with your feet up on the recliner for a truly relaxing experience!

Golden Yunnan Black

This black tea is harvested from Yunnan’s ancient tea trees. It is deeply flavored with notes of peppery spice, chocolate, and sweet raisin. Golden Yunnan has been expertly fermented with even graded leaves and big, golden buds. This full flavored tea is a true treat for black tea lovers!

Gunpowder Black

This traditional black is rolled into tiny pellets that unfurl in your cup. It brews to a dusty, amber color and leaves a lightly smoky and smooth finish on your palate.

Honey Rarity Black

This blend is a rare, black tea from Taiwan. This special tea has floral notes with hints of honey, and a light malty aroma. Sip this sunset in a cup and feel at ease!

Keemun Black

This smooth, sweet traditional black tea is from Anhui, China. Keemun was developed in the mid 1800’s and is cherished for its mild, richly aromatic flavor. It has a hint of sweetness and notes of spice and smokiness. Try this special blend and it will quickly become a favorite!

Lapsang Souchong Black

This is another full bodied black tea. Its flavor has a smokey finish that lingers, reminiscent of a campfire on a summer night. If you are a fan of smoky-flavored teas, this is a must have blend!

Margaret’s Hope Black

This tea has the sweet, brisk flavor characteristic of the region, a historic estate known for its award-winning tea. This is a second flush darjeeling, meaning it is picked from the second growth, or flush, of the tea plant.

Orange Pekoe Black

This traditional tea is from Vietnam and it holds a classic black tea taste. Smooth and slightly bold, this amber tea coats the palate with notes of honey and milk. Try this dark, bold, blend with cream and sugar as a sweet treat!

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