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Tin Discount

Get a 10% discount on tea any time you bring back your tea tin for a refill. To get the discount, it must be a refill of the same Fava Tea selection, the tin must be in fill-able condition and is not combined with any other discount or member credit. In-store only.

Bring Your Tea Pouch Back

Bring back the tea pouch for a refill of the same tea and help our efforts to reduce waste in the environment while getting $0.09 credit per tea pouch. This cannot be used with other discounts, credits or price promotions. In-store only.

The ‘Really, Really Like’ Discount

Do you really like a tea? If you get 16 or more ounces of the same kind of loose leaf tea in the same purchase, get 20% off the retail price of that tea. Cannot be combined with other discounts or credits in the same entire order.

Tea on Tap- Freshly Brewed Tea

Looking for a quick cup of freshly prepared tea? Stop by for up to nine different teas on Tap and get a 16 ounce cup for only $2.00 including tax! In-store only.

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