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One of our favorite things to hear when someone walks into a Fava Tea Company location is “it smells wonderful in here!” The delectable scents we get to smell all day, every day are more than just a benefit of the job though, because our sense of smell is responsible for about 80% of what we taste. Without our sense of smell, our taste is severely limited, which is also why coming down with a cold can make everything taste a bit bland (and don’t worry, we have a few blends for when that happens too).

That being said, we know that smelling a tea can tell you a lot about whether you’ll enjoy the flavor, which is why we also have our Sensory Sample Jars available for you in-store. Just ask a tea associate to help you locate the jar corresponding to the blend you’d like to smell. In the meantime, here are a few of the blends that we truly wish we had in candle form!

Samurai Blend – Almond, citrus, and sweet are the perfect flavor profile for this chai blend because that’s exactly how it tastes and smells! Shade grown mate and green rooibos make up the base of this blend, but it’s the delicious scent of almond and cinnamon that sweetens things up. Papaya, pineapple, and mango bring depth to the scent, but don’t let these tropical flavors fool you – it actually smells a bit like cozying up on a cold winter’s day with cookies baking in the oven!

Peach Mango – Like a sweet peach jam on freshly toasted bread, Peach Mango black tea is bursting with fruit flavor. A medium-body black tea provides the base for this Fava Favorite, which holds up nicely to the wealth of dried peach and dried mango that naturally sweetens the blend. If you’re wondering if this is better hot or cold, the answer is actually both. We love this blend as an iced brew on a hot summer day, but we also love it warm on a snowy winter morning – that or we just never tire of smelling this one brewing!

Pistachio Orange – A slightly spicy scent is immediately complemented by refreshing orange and nutty pistachio in this Pu-Erh blend. Also a great option no matter the season, this tea has been described as a spiced pistachio orange cake with delicious buttercream, and that’s exactly how it smells! Hints of peony round out the blend, creating a light floral finish that’s easily a favorite for those of us at the blending facility!

Cloud 9 – We’ll admit, we talk a lot about this top-selling Herbal blend, but can you blame us when this bold combo has us actually floating on cloud nine? Incredibly sweet in both scent and taste, kiwi and apple bring natural sweetness to the forefront to help even out the tart flavor of sour cherry and cranberry. And the coconut? It’s just an added bonus that we couldn’t live without!

Lemon Meringue – If citrus is more your speed, we’ve got a blend for you! Lemon Meringue actually does smell like a refreshing lemon meringue pie, complete with its bright citrus flavor. Toasty red rooibos is combined here with lemon flavor and floral elements like marigold and cornflower to lend a creamy texture to this caffeine-free blend, no added sugar or cream needed! If you want to add an additional layer to the pie here, it also pairs incredibly well with Blueberry Rooibos, a berry-filled blend that smells equally as good!

Cinnamon Spice Green – Bolder than any tea has been before! Our cinnamon spice blends are all best-sellers, but our Cinnamon Spice Green is by far the most popular. The striking scent of cinnamon in this blend comes from three different types of cinnamon, meaning that it’s one of the strongest teas in our collection. Sweet clove and orange peel round out the mix, smoothing out the green tea and boosting the impact of the cinnamon. You might swear that there’s sweetener in these fan-favorites, but we can assure you – it’s all the work of the cinnamon itself!

Roasted Almond Chai – Truly a spiced tea favorite we would love to have in candle form. A unique chai made with red rooibos, it’s naturally caffeine-free, and the blend itself is wonderfully sweetened by almond, cinnamon, and beetroot. Like a sweet, spiced almond cookie, you’ll love this blend hot or cold, day or night, and if you don’t believe us, note that it’s also our third best-selling tea in the store (right behind French Breakfast and Green Cinnamon Spice).

Paris Evening – With hints of vanilla and caramel, you’ll be surprised to learn that this caffeine-free rooibos features cherries and pineapple. Some compare it to a pineapple upside down cake, but we prefer to envision sweet crepes enjoyed on Paris streets. Sister to our best-selling French Breakfast, we think this blend is just a hint sweeter, making for a scent that we wish we could smell all day long. The good news is we can, and with Paris Evening in your cup, so can you!

Cold got you down? We can’t leave you hanging! If your sense of smell and taste is lacking, try our Cold Chaser, Sore Throat Soother, and Breathe Easy. All three blends are a part of our Wellness Collection and are specifically designed to help you get back on the path toward enjoying the scent of your favorite teas soon!

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