Full Bodied
  • Ancient Vintage Shu Pu Erh Tou Cha Tea

    As low as $11.60/oz.

    Traditional tou cha pu-erh individually wrapped for an 8 oz. cup serving.

  • Carmella’s Black Tea Blend

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    A special blend of black tea with berries, huge pieces of citrus and flower blossoms.

  • Decaf Hazelnut Cream Black Tea

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    Ideal for tea lattes, perfectly paired with a cozy fireside before a long winter’s nap.

  • English Breakfast Black Tea

    As low as $2.48/oz.

    Traditional English breakfast blend, smooth but hearty and robust on the finish. Takes cream and raw natural rock sugar well

  • Fava’s Holiday Gift Box


    Seven one-ounce packs of our favorite holiday loose teas, complete with a gift box!

  • Fava’s Six Pack Gift Box


    Get six, one ounce packs of our favorite loose teas complete with a gift box! A perfect gift for the tea lover in your life!

  • Pep In Your Step Mate Tea

    As low as $3.48/oz.

    An amazing pick me up or get me going! Perfect hot or iced!

  • Pure Iced Black Tea

    As low as $2.40/oz.

    Bold, traditional black ice tea perfect for serving over ice! This tea steeps without getting cloudy like other black teas tend to. What you need for the hot summer months!

  • Shu Vintage Pu Erh Tea

    As low as $3.20/oz.

    Smooth, naturally sweet Pu Erh, reminds you of a warm fall day, all year long!

  • Temple Spice Tea

    As low as $3.44/oz.

    This is the perfect marriage of earthy pu-erh tea and spicy chai. Full bodied, mixes well with cream.

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