• Acai Berry Green Tea

    As low as $3.32/oz.

    Flavored Green Tea Leaves Sold By The Ounce

  • Cherry Green Tea

    As low as $2.80/oz.

    Green and Black Tea Leaves Sold By The Ounce

  • Kokomo Cooler Black Tea – Seasonal

    As low as $3.40/oz.

    This black tea blend will set you thinking of palm trees and beach-side afternoons. The flavors of pineapple, blueberries, and coconut all complement each other in an endless circle of deliciousness. It’s refreshing and perfect for porch lounging, or for mermaids drinking tea in their lagoons!

  • Peachy Keen Green Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Green Tea Leaves Sold By The Ounce

  • Red, White & Blue White Tea

    As low as $4.60/oz.

    This is a beautiful, delicate white tea mixed with blueberry and red pomegranate.

  • Siesta Blossom Herbal Tea

    As low as $3.60/oz.

    Let the sweet scent of tiny rosebuds and fresh fruit awaken your senses! This juicy and slightly tangy herbal tea blend will make your palate jump with joy.

  • Watermelon Lime Green – Seasonal

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    Flavored, Seasonal Green Tea Sold By The Ounce. Blended March-September.

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