Fruity Notes
  • Cranberry Black Tea

    As low as $2.08/oz.

    Bold black tea base blended with dried cranberries. This is one of our popular flavored black tea blends that is often purchased by the pound.

  • Decaf Peachberry Green Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Decaffeinated green tea blended with sweet peach and pineapple pieces, red rooibos, and hibiscus.

  • Fava’s Holiday Gift Box


    Seven one-ounce packs of our favorite holiday loose teas, complete with a gift box!

  • Fava’s Six Pack Gift Box


    Get six, one ounce packs of our favorite loose teas complete with a gift box! A perfect gift for the tea lover in your life!

  • Jade Mystique Oolong Tea

    As low as $3.68/oz.

    This Jade Oolong is blended with kwai (osmanthus) and marigold blossoms for a creamy, smooth body oolong tea with a slightly fruity finish.

  • Malawi Green Tea

    As low as $3.12/oz.

    This green tea offers a coarse, uneven leaf structure, which yields a subtly complex flavor.

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