Light Sweetness
  • Amber Chai Tea

    As low as $3.40/oz.

    Amber Chai is an amazing oolong chai tea blend, with strong vanilla overtones and a spiciness that will make you sing!As low as $3.28/Oz.

  • Beachberry Twist Green – Seasonal

    As low as $3.20/oz.

    This is an amazing green tea blend with sweet and cool strawberry, citrus, and cucumber.

  • Carrot Cake Rooibos Tea

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    A lightly sweet and caffeine-free treat! This rooibos tea contains cinnamon, carrots, and maple brittle — yum!

  • Lime-A-Granate Herbal Tea-Seasonal

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    An herbal tea blended with lime, pomegranate and other fruity flavors sure to quench your summer thirst!

  • Minterest Herbal Tea

    As low as $3.08/oz.

    Herbal Tea Sold By The Ounce

  • Plum Oolong Tea – Seasonal

    As low as $5.04/oz.

    This dark amber oolong is blended with rose hips, goji berries, hibiscus, and natural plum flavor for a sweet, smooth cup (perfect hot or iced). Excellent with a meal or on its own.

  • Sunny Sangria Black Tea – Seasonal

    As low as $3.60/oz.

    Blackberry black tea and exotic fruits, what could be better? This tea is blended to perfection with delightful notes of citrus and a fresh and sweet flavor combination!

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