• Ancient Vintage Shu Pu Erh Tou Cha Tea

    As low as $11.60/oz.

    Traditional tou cha pu-erh individually wrapped for an 8 oz. cup serving.

  • Citrus Sipper Green Tea

    As low as $3.60/oz.

    A delightful and delicious green tea with hints of cucumber, orange, lemon, jasmine, and mint.

  • Fava’s Holiday Gift Box


    Seven one-ounce packs of our favorite holiday loose teas, complete with a gift box!

  • Fava’s Six Pack Gift Box


    Get six, one ounce packs of our favorite loose teas complete with a gift box! A perfect gift for the tea lover in your life!

  • Green Dragon Pearls

    As low as $4.20/oz.

    This is a smooth, softly sweet green tea with notes of citrusy lemon and a sweet honey like finish.

  • Jade Mystique Oolong Tea

    As low as $3.68/oz.

    This Jade Oolong is blended with kwai (osmanthus) and marigold blossoms for a creamy, smooth body oolong tea with a slightly fruity finish.

  • Julep Jamboree Green Tea

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    As low as $2.84/oz.

    Flavored Green Tea Leaves Sold By The Ounce

  • Lavender Blossoms Herbal

    As low as $3.40/oz.

    Use this delightful herb alone to calm you stomach, mind and skin!

  • Lemon Juniper Utopia Herbal Tea – Seasonal

    As low as $3.40/oz.

    A deliciously refreshing new herbal! Caffeine-free, this crisp & lemon-tea blend is an ultimate companion for hot summer days.

  • Slimpossible Mate/Herbal Tea

    As low as $3.28/oz.

    After numerous requests for a weight support blend we are pleased to launch Slimpossible our newest Mate/Herbal blend with a wellness and healthy weight focus in mind.

  • Sunny Disposition Herbal Tea

    As low as $3.28/oz.

    Our newest herbal blend is the support you might need in making it a great day! Sunny Disposition was blended with the intent of well being and is a beautiful melody of fruits, herbs and florals which we hope gives you a radiating and cheerful point of view.

  • Sunny Sangria Black Tea – Seasonal

    As low as $3.60/oz.

    Blackberry black tea and exotic fruits, what could be better? This tea is blended to perfection with delightful notes of citrus and a fresh and sweet flavor combination!

  • Thailand Green Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    The flavor of this green tea boasts a flowery scent with delicate fruity lingering flavors.

  • White Peony Tea

    As low as $2.92/oz.

    Enjoy the mellow and relaxing taste of this organic white tea!

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