Blitzen’s Blueberry Bake Rooibos | Limited Edition 2 oz. Package


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Rooibos Tea Leaves Sold By The 2 oz. Package

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The aroma of our new Blitzen’s Blueberry Bake smells like fresh, fluffy blueberry pound cake topped with a creamy, zesty lemon glaze. The scent of this tea is exactly like just baked blueberry pastries, such as muffins, scones, or coffee cake. It has a hint of sweet cinnamon sugar folded into the warm, juicy blueberry smell that will make your mouth water.

The flavor of this blend is similar to how it smells, Blitzen’s Blueberry Bake tastes just like a fluffy blueberry or blueberry crumble pastry. It has an essence of lemon and vanilla, almost like a creamy lemon gelato was placed on top of a blueberry crumble dessert. This tea tastes extremely smooth and creamy with hints of zest, bright berries, and sweet cinnamon. Pick up this warming delight that’s perfect for the holiday season!



Weight 1.66 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 8 in

Flavor Profile

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Organic green rooibos, currants, beetroot, organic cinnamon, sweet blackberry leaves, flavoring, organic lemongrass and malva flowers.



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