Pineapple Zen Cooler Herbal – 2 oz. Package Limited Edition

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Herbal Tea Leaves Sold By 2 oz. Package

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The aroma of our new Pineapple Zen Cooler smells refreshing and tropical! With hints of pineapple, fresh cucumber, and a light minty undertone, you’ll even detect a hint of coconut. This herbal blend smells amazing!

The flavor is calm, relaxing, and refreshing. There’s a light cucumber flavor mixed in with sweet pineapple, coconut, and fresh mint. Pineapple Zen Cooler Herbal is so smooth that it almost has a light creaminess to it. The body of this tea is light and fresh with bright flavors. This is the perfect tropical drink to have by your side as you enjoy a relaxing day to yourself. It’s soothing and yummy!

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Pineapple cubes, cucumber slices, pineapple flakes, peppermint, flavoring, freeze dried lemon slices.



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