Roasted Almond Chai Tea

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Loose Leaf Caffeine-Free Chai Tea Available by the Whole Ounce, Pound, or 0.35 Ounce Pre-Packaged Sample.

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This is the sweet taste of almond magically blended with rooibos and chai spices. Smooth, delightful and a perfect compliment with dessert. Or in place of dessert! Either way, enjoy! Blends well with Yoga herbal too.

Weight0.0825 lbs
Dimensions5 × 3 × 8 in


Flavor Profile

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Apple pieces, cardamom pods, rooibos, almond pieces, cinnamon pieces, coriander, whole cloves, beet root pieces


4 reviews for Roasted Almond Chai Tea

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    Did Not Float My Boat

    I tried this tea on a recommendation from a friend and found it to be strongly reeking, both in taste and smell, of nutmeg. Unless you just love nutmeg, this Chai tea is for you.
    The nutmeg hid the flavor of the other ingredients and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. The tingly feeling turned into a burning of the tongue and mouth.

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    My favorite for iced tea

    I’ve tried about 15 different Fava teas, and the Roasted Almond Chai tea is my favorite, especially for iced tea. Friends I’ve shared it with love it also. We just ordered 16 ounces.I always keep a pitcher of it in my refrigerator.

  3. Mary Jo Herrick

    I never tried it iced but love it hot. I love a spicy full-flavored tea. You can taste the roasted almond too. I like this tea because it seems you can’t over-steep it. Maybe because it is a rooibus tea rather than black tea?

  4. PitaJo

    I got it as a free sample recently and I am a fan. I like spicy tea, a lot of cinnamon or clove pleases me. I was never very into Rooibos, but I decided that my after dinner tea should maybe land on the herbal side. But Rooibos offers me bolder flavors in an decaffeinated variety. I really taste the cardamom, but this gives you a flavor packed cup.

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