Rainy Season Latte

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It’s said that April showers bring May flowers, so we’re leaning into that with the perfect twist on a London Fog for these final chilly days of spring! With just three steps and four ingredients, it’s an easy way to freshen your spring routine. You can also make this recipe with any Earl Grey tea in your collection, so try it with your favorite, whether that’s the delightfully floral Lady Grey, the caffeine-free Earl Grey Rooibos, or the intense Earl Grey Supreme.


  • 8oz Strongly Brewed Earl Grey of Choice*
  • 4oz Milk of Choice (we like Oatmilk for this recipe!)
  • 2 TBSN Honey (or to taste)
  • Cinnamon (to taste, but we used 1/8 tsp!)


  1. In a small saucepan, heat milk over medium heat until hot or steaming.
  2. Add honey and cinnamon to the milk and mix well.
  3. Add your brewed Earl Grey and mix well before serving.

*To create a stronger brew for your Earl Grey, add additional tea leaves when you steep as opposed to steeping for longer! We made ours for this recipe with 2 tsp of loose-leaf tea in the 8-ounces of water!

We told you it was easy! Now all you have to do is cozy up with a good book, enjoy the soft pitter-patter of the rain, and sip away.

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