Root Beer Tea Lattes

Root Beer Tea Lattes

Root Beer Tea Lattes

August 26, 2019


2 tsp Loose Leaf Root Beer Black or Root Beer Rooibos Tea

2 cups Sweetened Vanilla Almond Milk


1Start by deciding how much tea you want to make. We like to make large pitchers at a time, but you can make single cups as well. For every 8 oz of Root Beer latte you decide to make, you will need 1 tsp of loose leaf tea. In the recipe, we called for 2 tsp of loose leaf tea in order to make a 16 oz Root Beer tea latte. If you decide to make more, simply add 1 extra tsp of loose leaf tea for every additional 8 oz of almond milk.

2For the best results, we cold-steep our tea lattes overnight. This means we add the loose leaf tea to our cold almond milk and leave it to sit. For best results, we add the loose leaf tea to the almond milk "free-floating". We find that if you place the tea in a strainer or a tea bag, the flavor isn't as strong. We also recommend steeping the tea 8 to 12 hours. The longer you wait, the stronger the flavor of the tea- which makes this a perfect treat to prepare the night before!

3Once your tea has steeped, simply strain out the loose leaf tea! You can do this with a colander, or one of our Mist Iced Tea Jug or Flask Pitchers found in stores. Serve your delicious latte over ice and enjoy!


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