valentines day
  • Chocolate Berry Trifle- (4 oz) Flash Sale


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    Happy Valentines Month To You! Our new Chocolate Berry Trifle Black is our special celebration blend for the month of February.

    The aroma of Chocolate Berry Trifle Black smells like berries with a hint of sweet cocoa. It has a nice chocolatey aroma without being astringent and overpowering. The undertone of fresh berries gives this tea a lighter scent, but it’s enriching and toasty similar to the scent of fresh fruit being dipped in chocolate fondue.

    The flavor of Chocolate Berry Trifle Black has a very light black tea base. It has a toasty, warm body, like a hint of milk chocolate blended with bright berry flavors. It’s a smooth tea with a slightly tart edge. This tea has a light cocoa aftertaste that’s smooth and not overwhelming. This may remind one of fresh pastries topped with a dusting of cocoa and fresh berries!


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