Classic Jasmine Green Organic Tea


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Green Tea Leaves Sold By The Ounce-Organic

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Our Classic Jasmine Green Organic tea is processed with Jasmine which creates an amazing fragrant and floral combination. The green tea leaves are harvested then dried with hot air while fresh jasmine blossoms and petals are placed delicately in front of the dryers. Through this process, the tea absorbs the jasmine fragrance and holds the floral flavor while still maintaining the taste of the green tea.

The resulting flavor of this blend creates a liquor that is smooth, lightly sweet and one of the best jasmine green teas available. For those of us looking for an economical, organic jasmine green tea this one is a pleasure to drink!



Flavor Profile

, ,


Organic Chinese green tea, organic Jasmine

Steep Time

2 Minutes

Steep Temperature

180° F


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