Watermelon Lime Green Tea | Seasonal Specialty Blend

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Loose Leaf Green Tea – Pre-Packaged Seasonal Specialty Blend (4 or 16 ounces).

Want to try a smaller sample? Try the Watermelon Lime Teaser Package!

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Green tea blended with dried fruit, berries, citrus and, most importantly, watermelon! ‘Tis the summer season for delicious iced blends, and this fan favorite is no exception!

Want to try a smaller sample? Try the Watermelon Lime Teaser Package!


Apple pieces, rosehip peel, green tea, hibiscus, orange slices, watermelon flakes, carrot flakes, lemon myrtle, lemon peel, natural lime flavor.



Flavor Profile

, ,


Steep Temperature

212° F

Steep Time

3 Minutes

6 reviews for Watermelon Lime Green Tea | Seasonal Specialty Blend

  1. Kelly

    One of my many favorites

    Love this tea and so glad to have it back. It is my go-to for chilled and hot. All the flavors blend together so well and just burst!

  2. Dawn

    Perfect blend, done change a thing

    I like to blend different teas together, but this one is perfect as is. Wish it were available all year, but glad it’s back. Have already ordered a large quantity.

  3. Melissa

    Fruity, Fun, Tastes like Gum (Ha!)

    If you love fruity flavors, this tea is for you. My coworker pointed out it smells a lot like gum. To be honest, it’s kind of true, and that ruined it a little for me (haha!). Trident has a watermelon flavored gum that is very reminiscent of this tea. The gum thing aside, however, it smells and tastes great.

    I think this would also be a great tea for people who tried green tea once and thought it tasted “like lawn clippings in hot water” (that was me about 10 years ago before I acquired a taste for it!). It doesn’t have a strong green tea flavor– the fruit flavors definitely dominate here. A perfect newbie tea.

    I can’t wait to try making this as iced tea; that is what the store associate recommended doing. It tastes amazing hot, though. I give it a 9/10.

  4. Rhodena (verified owner)


    This is currently my favorite blend. It is great hot or iced. Not a bunch of flavors just a great refreshing combination of Raspberry Green. I can drink it all day long.

  5. Kevinwdombrowski (verified owner)

    Love the taste, but where’s the green tea? It’s a bit stronger on the lime flavor than the watermelon. Which is completely fine with me. However, there’s not much actual green tea in this. I’m sure to be compliant with regulations they have to say its a green tea. But I wouldn’t call it a green tea. I’ts more of an herbal tea with just a bit of green thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t make me like it any less, it just seems odd that its called a green tea.

  6. PitaJo

    Love. Love. ❤️ This tea iced is just sublime. I have added extra lime or fresh lime juice. I also like to add the lime rock sugar on occasion. Hot it is a refreshing treat.

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