Violet Buttercream Black Tea


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The aroma of our new Violet Buttercream Black tea smells delightful! It’s reminiscent of being whisked away to a lush, blooming, beautiful garden and just smelling the fresh, calming scent of flowers. This tea has a lovely violet scent with undertones of vanilla and cream. The aroma of this tea is truly warm, happy, calm and fresh.

The flavor is just as amazing as it smells! It has a very smooth floral taste, like freshly picked violets were used to infuse this tea. It has a hint of warm, sweet vanilla and toasty almond that create a fullness to the base of this black tea blend. The floral flavors have a kind of fruitiness so the tea is abundant and flavorful. This tea tastes similar to a fruity, floral pastry with hints of sweetness and a nice balanced floral body.

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By the Ounce (Oz.), By the Pound (Lb.)


Flavor Profile

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Black tea, apples, almonds, blue mallow blossoms, freeze-dried yogurt granules, flavoring (contains milk and nuts).

Steep Time

4 Minutes

Steep Temperature

212° F


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