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Guest Blog by Rachel Warnock, Ayurvedic Herbalist 

The leaves change, the temperature dips, and we all start thinking about our favorite warm beverages. For some it’s hot cocoa or apple cider, but for those who want health and wellness infused in their warm cup of calm, tea is the way to go.  

As an herbalist I get picky about my teas. I’m brewing more than just flavors, I’m steeping things like longevity, vitality, fortitude, and strength in my cup. I find that most tea-drinkers know they’re doing something good for their bodies when they pull out their favorite blend, but they seldom know what that goodness entails. Let’s break down a few exceptional, health-focused tea blends. 

Fava’s Classic Chai: this blend isn’t just for spice, it has the power to keep you going in the coldest months of the year. It’s a black tea mixed with warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, anise, clove, and black pepper. The black tea helps balance blood pressure and sugar while providing the body with an energy boost. Black tea has about half as much caffeine as coffee and the antioxidants it contains slow the absorption of the caffeine, so the drinker experiences a more prolonged energy boost without the crash that comes with coffee.  

In Ayurvedic medicine, ginger is one of the “Three Queens” and colloquially known as a panacea. Combined with star anise, these two are fantastic digestive stimulants. We often get a little energy lull after a meal; digestion is one of the most taxing biological systems. Drinking a digestive stimulant combined with slow-releasing caffeine allows your body to take advantage of the nutrients in the meal, while you make the most of your day. Clove, ginger, and black pepper are all beneficial for the lungs, specifically helpful with coughing, congestion, and clearing out excess mucus. Traditional cough medicine recipes often included ground clove and peppercorns mixed into honey- that’s how powerful these two when it comes respiratory infections!  

Check out Fava’s Classic Chai here, and it can also be found in the HERS Holiday bundle, a collaboration with Vedic Botanicals and Sacred Flame candles.  

Wisconsin Ginseng: Did you know that Wisconsin grows some of the best ginseng in the entire world? A bizarre fact as ginseng is native to East Asia. Thanks to glacial deposits leaving an abundance of trace minerals in Northern Wisconsin’s topsoil, and a cooler climate ginseng loves, Wisconsin ginseng has become highly sought after by herbalists and wellness experts alike. Ginseng is a root herb that grows underground for about 4 years before harvesting, and thanks to the unique mineral mixture, ginseng grown in Sconnie has one of the highest nutrient counts. In Ayurvedic medicine, ginseng is known as a rejuvenative and an adaptogen. Rejuvenative/ adaptogenic herbs help to repair and rebuild tissues, giving strength to the body and a renewed sense of vitality. Adaptogenic rejuvenatives like ginseng protect our eyes and ears, especially as we age. It fortifies the immune system and brain function.  

This ginseng blend is paired with a green tea, contributing extra antioxidant power and a dose of slow-releasing caffeine for an energy boost without the crash that coffee has. A cup of Wisconsin ginseng in the morning isn’t just an energy boost, it’s an investment in your own health and longevity.  

Check out the Wisconsin Ginseng here, and it can also be found in the HIS Holiday bundle, a collaboration with Vedic Botanicals and Sacred Flame candles.  

Raspberry Patch: This delicious, berry-ful tea is a favorite for kids and adults alike. It’s a freshly-picked garden melody for your taste buds, and it’s an anti-allergy powerhouse. The primary ingredients are elderberries and hibiscus. Elderberry is bursting with anti-inflammatory compounds and anthocyanins, which specifically boost the immune system against seasonal allergens – or your relative’s visiting pets. Combined with the antioxidant-rich hibiscus and black current, you have a blend that not only helps with allergens in the moment, but helps your allergen immunity develop long-term.  

The immune system is something that is constantly adapting and getting stronger in life, but the majority of its development happens during childhood. If the allergic reaction is not severe, the body can adapt to become less allergic. We see this with animal dander and seasonal plant allergens specifically. Small doses of exposure combined with herbs and nutrients that help our body combat them- like elderberry, hibiscus, and black current- can fortify our children’s allergen defenses and reduce the severity of the allergic reaction as their immune system develops into adulthood. Starting early is the key.    

Hibiscus, black current, and raspberry are also mild digestive aids, helpful for stomach aches. This delicious tea is great with meals, and beneficial for the family year-round, especially for those with seasonal allergies or animal-related allergies.  

Check out the Raspberry Patch tea here, and it can also be found in the OURS Holiday bundle, a collaboration with Vedic Botanicals and Sacred Flame candles

About the author: Rachel Warnock is the Founder and Lead Herbalist at Vedic Botanicals, a botanical body care company. Originally from Milwaukee, WI she has been a practicing herbalist for over 10 years, specializing in the nervous and respiratory systems. She’s also a big fan of Fava Tea!  

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and Fava Tea Company makes no medical claims. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure medical conditions. Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions, should consult their physician before consuming this or any tea blend.

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