French Breakfast Black Tea


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Loose Leaf Black Tea Available by the Whole Ounce or in 4-ounce and 1-pound packages. Want to try a smaller sample? Try the French Breakfast Teaser Package!

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A superior blend of vanilla and sweet, smooth black tea accompanied by tiny bits of pineapple and cherry to add a distinct sweetness and a burst of character. An excellent choice any time of day, French Breakfast takes cream and sweetener well, and has been described by some as a cup of relaxation in a world of chaos. We hope you enjoy this top-selling black as much as we all do!

Want to try a smaller sample? Try the French Breakfast Teaser Package!

This tea makes for a delicious latte! For more information on how to make the perfect latte, check out our blog!


Black tea, cran-raisins, pineapple bits, safflowers, calendula petals, white cornflowers, flavor.



Flavor Profile

, ,

Steep Temperature

212° F

Steep Time

3 Minutes

4 reviews for French Breakfast Black Tea

  1. Debbie

    Nice tea

    I love this tea but I wish they could tell me how much caffeine is in each tea.

  2. Cheryl

    Heaven in a cup

    They warned me that I would love this, and I do! Smooth, vanilla; amazing. I understand why it is your #1 best seller.

  3. Skyla B (verified owner)

    Happiness in your hands

    Fava Tea Company sent me a sample of French Breakfast Black Tea with my order of Maple Sugar Black Tea. It’s really smooth. My description of it:

    French Breakfast Black tea, smooth texture, delicate hints of pineapple and cranberry, but not so much that it overpowers it or makes it “fruity”.

    I’d call it “the feel of pleased happiness to be snuggled warmly in a blanket with a book and a cup of tea on a window seat on a rainy day while gentle romantic piano plays softly”.

    Is that a taste?

    If not, it should be.

    **This review was something I posted to my facebook page a while ago, and since I decided to order the tea, I figured I’d repost the review here. I hope it helps you decide to buy it, because it’s delicious. This tea has no complaints from me.

  4. Tiffany

    Caramel Tea

    The nicely rolled black leaves emanate the smell of caramel. Steeping at 3 minutes reveal flavors of caramel, dark chocolate, and some sweet fruity undertones. Take it to five minutes and more vanilla comes out along with subtle earthy after tones.

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