Sweet Harvest Chai Tea | Seasonal Specialty Blend


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Loose Leaf Seasonal Chai Tea Available in 4 or 16 ounce packages.

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The quintessential fall tea is here to warm you from the inside out! Sweet and fruity with a gentle hint of spice from canella cinnamon and whole cloves, Sweet Harvest Chai boasts multiple layers of flavor. Orange pieces lend a bit of citrus while marigold blossoms add a just detectable hint of floral, combining perfectly with delicious pear. Enjoy this tea hot as the winter weather rolls in, or iced for a light and refreshing treat!

*Formerly named Spice Pear*


Black tea (China & Ceylon), canella cinnamon, orange peel, pear pieces, whole cloves, marigold blossoms, wild strawberry leaves, natural flavor.



Flavor Profile

, ,



Steep Temperature

212° F

Steep Time

3 Minutes


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