Chai Tea

Chai tea is simply traditional chai spices (such as cloves, peppercorns, cardamom, cinnamon & ginger are some of the most common) blended with both caffeine and caffeine-free base teas, that brew into both hearty as well as refreshing brews. Flavor characteristics range from slightly spicy with a fruity twist, to bold, spiced and strong! These are very memorable teas, and are great for recipes, and make delicious lattes!

  • Amber Chai Tea

    As low as $3.40/oz.

    Amber Chai is an amazing oolong chai tea blend, with strong vanilla overtones and a spiciness that will make you sing!As low as $3.28/Oz.

  • Cocoa Spice Chai Rooibos Tea

    As low as $2.80/oz.

    Red rooibos blended with traditional Indian spice chai for this heavenly, luscious blend.

  • Masala Chai Tea

    As low as $2.92/oz.

    This is a flavorful chai with a black tea base, aniseed, cinnamon pieces, ginger, black peppercorn, cloves, and chicory roots.

  • Nirvana Chai Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Enlighten your senses and delight your taste buds with this exceptional chai blend!

  • Roasted Almond Chai Tea

    As low as $3.64/oz.

    This is the sweet taste of almond magically blended with rooibos and chai spices.

  • Rooibos Chai Tea

    As low as $2.60/oz.

    Traditional chai tea but with a caffeine-free twist. The base of this tea is rooibos so it’s naturally caffeine free and can be enjoyed day or night.

  • Samurai Blend Chai Tea

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    A delicious and complex blend of tropical, spice and citrus!

  • Temple Spice Tea

    As low as $3.44/oz.

    This is the perfect marriage of earthy pu-erh tea and spicy chai. Full bodied, mixes well with cream.

  • Vanilla Spice Chai Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Strong, spicy black tea rounded out with cuts of sweet, smooth vanilla.

  • White Angel Chai Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    White tea blended with chai spices like lemon grass, coconut, fruit pieces and peppercorn all blended for a light-bodied zesty cup.

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