Decaffeinated Tea

Our same great tasting tea with substantially less caffeine. These teas are great for nighttime, kids and anyone that doesn’t need that extra kickstart. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  • Decaf Almond BiscoTEA

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Decaf green tea (sen cha) blended with roasted almonds, cinnamon, and red rooibos.

  • Decaf Ceylon Black Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Ceylon is the name for the island of Sri Lanka. The flavor is of a smooth body ending in a sweet finish. While this blend is astringent, its smooth flavor leaves a round after taste.This tea is a true gift of nature with its decaffeinated properties! There once was a wizard who wanted a bracing cup of tea before he snuggled into bed, but he knew the sandman would not visit should he drink the evil caffeine.

  • Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea

    As low as $2.80/oz.

    Earl Grey is America’s most popular tea. Named after the British Prime Minister, Earl Grey is any tea blended with the oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit similar to an orange.

  • Decaf English Breakfast Black Tea

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    This tea is a blend of strong traditional black teas created to take cream and sweetener well.

  • Decaf Hazelnut Cream Black Tea

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    Ideal for tea lattes, perfectly paired with a cozy fireside before a long winter’s nap.

  • Decaf Hot Cinnamon Spice Black Tea

    As low as $3.20/oz.

    Decaffeinated black tea blended with three different types of cinnamon plus sweet cloves!

  • Decaf Peachberry Green Tea

    As low as $3.00/oz.

    Decaffeinated green tea blended with sweet peach and pineapple pieces, red rooibos, and hibiscus.

  • Decaf Sen Cha Green Tea

    As low as $3.16/oz.

    Perfect choice if you want the benefits of green tea without the caffeine.

  • Earl Grey Rooibos Tea

    As low as $2.76/oz.

    This Rooibos Earl Grey takes the familiar blend to a caffeine-free realm.

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